About CN&R


The Firm of Cancio, Nadal & Rivera, L.L.C. was established in 1975 as Cancio, Nadal & Rivera, when attorneys Hiram R. Cancio, former Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court for the District of Puerto Rico, Harry R. Nadal, Jaime R. Nadal and Carlos M. Rivera joined their efforts, legal experience and unwavering commitment to excellence. Since then, Cancio, Nadal & Rivera, L.L.C. has evolved into a multi-disciplinary legal practice comprised of extremely talented lawyers trained in a myriad of specialty areas.

Over four decades of success
Bookshelf filled with books

For more than forty years, the firm of Cancio, Nadal & Rivera, L.L.C., has distinguished itself for its unique depth, combining experienced attorneys with young and ambitious associates who understand that success comes with and through the success of the Firm’s clients. Recognizing the ever-changing legal, economic and technological landscape, Cancio, Nadal & Rivera, L.L.C., has continuously evolved by transforming its corporate structure; recruiting well-respected attorneys with degrees and first-hand experience in business and government; creating new legal departments and establishing strategic partnerships with industry leaders and entrepreneurs.

Cancio, Nadal & Rivera, L.L.C.'s proactive approach, guided by the principles of integrity, entrepreneurship, commitment to excellence and cost efficiency, has enabled the Firm to consistently deliver professional legal services that go well beyond providing solutions to legal problems. By effectively anticipating and responding to the new trends and the business and legal needs of our clients, we have been able to contribute to our clients’ continued success. At Cancio, Nadal & Rivera, L.L.C., we value our role as trusted business advisor, and are commited to assisting our clients to develop their business to the fullest extent possible and to venture into new areas of business development.