Vanessa Carballo Santiago

Special of Counsel

Vanessa Carballo Santiago


  • Litigation
Practice Area(s)

  • - Labor and Employment Law
  • - Litigation

Ms. Carballo began her practice as legal counsel before the Department of the Family in 2001. Contracted under the Head Start and Child Care Programs, Ms. Carballo represented the Secretary of the Department of the Family before State Court until 2003. In 2003, Ms. Carballo joined Cancio, Nadal, Rivera & Diaz, P.S.C., as an Attorney Associate. Ms. Carballo represented in legal cases before the state and administrative court. She also worked with the Teacher’s Association of Puerto Rico and the Sistema Ana G. Méndez. From 2009-2017, Ms. Carballo began her own private practice, working with labor law cases, in state and administrative court, trademarks and offered legal representation to the Director and Administrative Organization (ODAE), civil cases, including tort, family law, contracts, obligations, and insurance claims. After Hurricane María, Ms. Carballo worked on case investigations of damage claims due to the Hurricane. Alongside Multinational Insurance Company, Ms. Carballo studied, analyzed damage reports, and wrote the breakdown for dwelling and personal property. In 2017-2019, Ms. Carballo joined Multinational Insurance Company as an Emergency Adjuster for Hurricane María claims. Here, Ms. Carballo drafted damage reports, studies property policies, mediated with insured, insurance agency, and insurance agent, about policy, payments, and claims of property damage caused by Hurricane María. Presently (since 2019), Ms. Carballo has been working with Cancio, Nadal & Rivera, L.L.C., as a Special of Counsel in cases before the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico on insurance claims for property damages caused by Hurricane María.